heis pile ou face series


International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) – Bright Future category

Cross Videos Days – Best series award

Premier Plans D’Angers Film Festival – L’air numérique

NYC Web Festival – Category : Outstanding Achievement in writing

Côté Court International Film Festival

Reykjavik International Film Festival – Golden Egg Competition

Blow-Up Chicago International ArtHouse Film Festival

Les Pépites du Cinéma


Milk is Milk (la chiale invisible)

Paralysis (la guerre des coudes)

The desert of Stanway (les doigts dans les trous)

To all the bros (la boxe ou l’ascenseur)

Our Malik (le sang dans les rêves)

_heis (pile ou face) is a series about life contrasts and choices.

heads of tails ?

love/break-up, to progress in a group/to progress alone, dreams/resignations, family/emancipation, job opportunity goals/lack of job security.

Where does all the situations we chose or those we are subjected to lead us ?

_heis (pile ou face) is made of 5 eleven minutes episodes viewable independently as short-films even though all the episodes complement one another. This is dedicated to the web.