HEIS is selected (feature film + series + art installation) at the 2017 International Film Festival of Rotterdam (IFFR) in the “BRIGHT FUTURE” section

heis cross video days, marché du film cannes 2016

HEIS: selected among the 5 best internationals crossmedia projects (including a feature film) at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival’s Marché du Film where it has been pitched during the 2016 NEXT / Cross Videos Days.



_heis is a 3 sections cross-media project :

I wanted to push the limits of the materials to obtain three differents and complementary reading.

_heis is close to cinema, art and web videos, to me it is necessary to release it in severals fields.

_heis is a self produced project made in two years.
It is the junction between fiction, fictionnal documentary,

experimental essay, pictures recycling, writing, voice-over, editing, sound design and the use of severals recording devices (digital cameras, film camera, smartphone,…)
I edited videos as I would do painting. Many layers have been added to the previous work.

_heis has been shot in France, China and USA.

_heis [greek εἷς]: one, to be one, not as individualism but as self-fulfilment.
This project is about how one human being tries to reach the « number one »
The daily struggle of one’s mind, body and heart.