heis chroniques, a film by anais volpe

Selection and awards

heis chronicles best world fiction feature film at la film festival by film independent

2016 LA FILM FESTIVAL – Best World Fiction Feature Film

heis chroniques - fifib 2016 contrebandes

FIFIB 2016 – Contrebandes Competition Jury’s Award

2017 Angers Film Festival – Official selection “L’air numérique”

2017 International Film Festival of Rotterdam – Official selection “Bright Future”

Synopsis: Pia is 25 years old, after struggling against life issues, she feels desperate by his toughness and have to move back to her family home. Her main goal is to come back for a better start. Sam, her twin brother, still lives at the mom’s house, he doesn’t handle his life the same way her sister does and he reject it. Who is right, who is wrong ? Between love and anger, emancipation and guilt, HEIS is a blood and a life story : a family tale.

_heis (chroniques) is a two speeds film, two languages dedicated to two generations, youth and parents. This is a love and a anger story, an emancipation and a guilt story, a blood and a life story : a family story.
No matter the period, the country and the language, this theme stays very complicated.

_heis (chroniques) is the mothers’ worrying, the daughters’ desire, the sons’ resignation or maybe the opposite. It’s the salt and the sugar of the brotherhood.The bitterness of intolerance, the sweetness of understanding.

The right to go or the duty to stay ?

family is like elevators, if you mess with the buttons, you can get stuck.But it’s hard not to take it as you can’t go through 80 floors without an elevator.